LinqToCrm vb conversion

Oct 20, 2009 at 10:45 AM

Good Morning, regarding LinqToCrm I have been converting allmost c# code into vb code for my use,

allmost everything work I can make request against crm using linqToCrm using join also.

But sorry for my inexperiece on c# I have a problem to convert the instruction "select new account() { accountid = c.accountid };" into code

Can some body help me to convert it into vb.code so thet i can update method ?

Also, any body known how to use the class/module(vb) "DynamicLinq.vb/c#" to extend linq to work with dynamic query I mean

I put the class DynamicLinq.vb into my LinqToCrm project once this everything into the "CrmWebService.vb" lose all references, how can i correct this problem ?

Thanks for that

Also when I finish my conversion job to vb code I'll post my code for other people to benefit of this.


convert  "Select new { , a.createdby };"  into vb.code how, what is the corrispondence to vb ?

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